I added a page of my jewelry and upcycling work under the “Art” tab, I hope you all like what you see. I’ve been pretty busy in the shop lately and I’m updating the page regularly with new creations. Here are some more spoon earrings I made earlier this week:


I can’t take credit for the home-brew in the upper lefthand corner, that was left in our fridge (with about 8 others) by a couple of Quebecois couch surfers on a beer tour of the Northeast that we hosted over the weekend. Two cute bearded Quebecois brewers feeding me delicious beers and describing each one in their luscious French-Canadian accents — it’s tough being me, sometimes.

What’s even more exciting is that I bought a laptop yesterday! This will be the first computer I’ve owned in the four years since my college laptop proverbially “ate it.” Updating this blog will be a lot easier, and [DRUMROLL PUHREASE] I will have an Etsy site up and running in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, ya’ll.


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