Bike Recycle Designs

Bike Recycle Designs

When I started serving in Americorps at Bike Recycle Vermont, I was tickled by the various art-y, bike-y decorations and contraptions around the shop: a toilet paper holder made out of an upside fork, a wind chime made out of a chopped up frame, stools made out of the rear section of the frame with extra wide seats to sit on. Volunteers had been upcycling defunct bike parts into utilitarian art for years, and I couldn’t stop myself from playing with all the bike parts and seeing what I could contribute.

Two years later, after dozens of collaborations with local artists, a new website and online store, and a solid line of products, Bike Recycle Designs was bringing in thousands of dollars for our small non-profit bike shop. Bike Recycle Designs was helping keep the shop’s doors open to those in need of afforable transportation, bringing attention to our organization, and bringing new and talented volunteers into the shop to help accomplish our mission of removing bike parts form the waste stream.


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